Which options for Sultanahmet hotels ?

Sultanahmet is one of the most visited places in istanbul just like Hagia Sophia, Topkapı Palace, Blue Mosque and Hippodrome. They are all are located in Old Istanbul. Because of being visited by millions of tourists each year, those famous places are surrounded by good and comfortable hotels. You have wide range of choices from a small cheap hotel to a luxury expensive hotel. You can have chance to walk and see the most of top sights of istanbul by staying in any of sultanahmet hotels.

You can find here some hotel points around Sultanahmet. For example if you stay in a hotel near Hagia Sophia, you do not have to travel so much. Because this area is the closest point to the top sights. And after visiting a few places, you can come to your sultanahmet hotel and rest for a while. There are also some hotels around the Hippodrome which is located at the southeast part of Sultanahmet. Its Turkish mean is At Meydanı. While staying in Hippodrome hotels, you can walk around the Old Istanbul peninsula and you can easily reach the main historical points on the peninsula.

There you will see an ancient road called Divan Yolu which dates back to Rome. It extends from Sultanahmet Square to Beyazid Square. You can find several hotels with different qualities. They are located 2 or 3 minutes walk to Sultanahmet Square. You will pass in some narrow streets and you will see lots of restaurants in the streets. Those botels in Divan Yolu are a little bir cheaper than the sultanahmet hotels.

In each corner of the Old Istanbul peninsula, you can find hundreds of hotels from a small one to a big luxurius one. You can find lots of hotels with different shapes, sizes, degrees of comfort, different prices. It is up to you about what kind of hotel will you choose. If you want to watch the view of Bosphorus while staying in your room, you should choose a big luxury sultanahmet hotel. However if you want to leave your money to travel, you should choose a small hostel at the back sides of Sultanahmet Square. Whichever kinds hotels you choose, be sure that you will be amazed from the magic of Old Istanbul Peninsula.

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