Where to go in capadoccia

Cappadoccia is a special and valuable place. It is unique in the World. The soft layers which was occurred by the lavaş from Erciyes, Hasan and Güllü Mountain have been corroded by the rain and the wind during millions years and this unique interesting and beautiful geography was shaped. This geography is called Kapadokya (cappadocia) today. Cappadocia means the Land of Beautiful Horses in Persian language. This geography seems nowhere in the World. So, thousands of visitors come to visit capadoccia from each corner of the World.

You can find lots of options to visit in cappadocia region. One of them is Göreme region. In the valley of Göreme, there are lots of churches, monastries and ruins. It is accepted the best trekking area to see the fairy chimneys. Güvercinlik valley is also an important trekking area with the various kinds of pigeon nests. Its name comes from those nests. The highest point of capadoccia is Uçhisar which is located 5 km away from the city center. It is known as the gate of cappadocia and yu can get best panaromical view from this hill. If you visit the Uçhisar Castle, you can watch an amazing view of the whole Cappadocia. It is one of the best place to enjoy the sunset.

Ihlara valley is one of the oldest settlement of cappadocia. It dates back 4. Century. Is is famous for its fresky churches carved into the rocks. It is called as a historical treasure. Do not leave capadoccia without seeing the underground cities. One of them is located 20 km away from Kaymaklı town and has 8 floor and 5000 people capacity. In these huge underground cities, there are saloons, rooms, wine storages, kitchens, churches and etc… there you can see the other examples of unique underground cities in the cappadocia region.

The best known characteristics of capadoccia is the fairy chimneys. They are interesting structures which was formed by the wind and the water. They are really worth to see. In our other articles about cappadoccia, you can get more information about the fairy chimneys and the cappadoccia region. Also you can learn the accommodation and transportation options. Be sure that you will not be regretfull about your journey and will want to see the cappadocia again. All those interesting and amazing structures welcome you.

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