Where to go in antalya city centre

You have so many options to visit in antalya city centre and there are very kinds of worth seeing places in antalya city centre which you will not be regretful about them. Here, we introduce the worth seeing places of antalya city centre for you. Do not forget to visit historical structures of antalya city centre while enjoying sea, sand and sun during your antalya city centre vacation. Let’s  look at the some historical places of antalya city centre.

Yivli Minare (The Grooved Minaret) in antalya city centre

This structure is one of the symbols of antalya city centre. Yivli Minare in antalya city centre dates back 13. Century and Seljuq Empire. In the period in which this building was built in antalya city centre, it was used as a Byzantium Church in antalya city centre. Yivli Minare can be seen from all corner of antalya city centre. And this structure takes part in all antalya city centre photos. Yivli Minare should be one part of your antalya city centre visit. This minaret is located in Kaleiçi which is called the old town of antalya city centre.

Karatay Madrasah in antalya city centre

Located in Kaleiçi of antalya city centre Karatay Madrasah was built in 1250  A.D. It is recommended to see this madrasah during your antalya city centre holiday. It is a historical and worth seeing building for the visitors of antalya city centre. Transportation is so easy because of being in antalya city centre.

Mermerli Beach in antalya city centre

Mermerli beach is the only beach which is lying on the both sides of the marina of antalya city centre. This beach was the first beach of antalya city centre. Actually, this beach is the home of thousand years old history with the fortification walls and towers of antalya city centre. Mermerli beach has also magnificent view of Antalya bay and Mediterranean Sea. You had better see this beach while having holiday in antalya city centre.

Historical Clock Tower in antalya city centre

located in antalya city centre this clock tower is in Castle Gate of antalya city centre. Historical clock tower of antalya city centre was built in 1901 A.D. This clock tower is just one of the historical structures of antalya city centre.


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