Where is Japanese Garden? How to get Japanese Garden?

Even Most of people in Istanbul do not know where Japanese Garden. It is definetely a place to must see. Even the wedding pictures can be taken in the garden.

A Japanese Garden was built in Baltaliman, Istanbul because the fact that the year 2003 is declared as the Turkish year in Japan.

The plants and designs used in Japanese gardens were also used here. Japanese garden design is shown in the garden with bridges, waterfalls and pond. 4850 trees and plants used in the garden offer a natural beauty worth seeing. The garden also has a view of the Bosporus. Due to the presence of Shimonoseki Bosphorus in the sister city, the entrance door was made by inspiring both the Bosphorus and the Shimonoseki Bosphorus.

Japanese Garden Visiting Hours

Winter  – 09:00 17:00

Summer –  07:00 19:30

How do you get to the Japanese Garden? Where is Japanese Garden?

By bus:

From Levent: The last stop of the minibuses going towards Baltalımanı.

»  (40 – 40T – 42T) buses and get off at Baltalimanı Hospital.
»(22 – 22RE – 25E) buses and get off at Baltalımanı Hospital.

Address: Opposite the Devlet Kemik Hastanesi  (State Bone Hospital) Sarıyer, Istanbul

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