What is the history of taksim square istanbul ?

The taksim square takes its name from the province where it is located. Thi square is one of the most famous points of Istanbul. The tourists coming to Turkey most probably have heard the name of taksim square. Therefore the people living in Istanbul use this square is a meeting point. Because everybody in Istanbul know this square.

The taksim square has been restored a few times so far. And also it is under construction for now. The municipality wants to raise the green fields around the square. There is an Independence Monument in the middle of the square. And this monument is accepted as the symbol of taksim square. Generally this square is used as the ceremonial area. The Independence Monument was placed here as the commemoration of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk who is the founder of the Republic of Turkey in 1928.

When you visit taksim square, do not turn back without seeing the Istaiklal Street. You can arrive this famous Street by going up to Beyoglu province and the Galata Tower from the taksim square. You can see various kinds of historical buildings around. You will be amazed by the architecture of the old buildings. You have so many options to have a great time along the Istiklal Street. You can sit in a pub or a cafe and drink your cold drinks while watching the nostalgic atmosphere of the Street. And ıf you are interested in the shopping you can find lots of worldwide known famous brands and also traditional goods in the Istiklal Street shops.

After visiting the taksim square you are highly recommended to try to take a short journey with a nostalgic tram. You can get in this nostalgic tram in the taksim square to the Tunnel square. Do not worry about the transportation to the square. Because of being the center of Istanbul, each way is linked to the taksim square. And also you can arrive wherever you want from the square. Public buses set off their city journeys generally from the square. Get in a public bus and go wherever you want. This can give you an opportunity to have a city tour, especially along the bosphorus tour will be amazingfor you.

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