What is the attraction of golden horn turkey ?

Inside of the Bosphorus, there is a magical bay in istanbul Turkey. When the weather is getting dark, the lights starts to blaze on the torqouise water of golden horn. In Turkish it is called Haliç which means the Bay of Istanbul. Originally it was translated from Greek name Chrysokeras directly. This amazing bay is lying at the middle of the city. Most people believe that the golden horn turkey is the border between the old and new sides of European Istanbul. It also seperates the North and the South of European Istanbul.

You will see a nostalgic bridge on the golden horn turkey called Galata Bridge. There are always fishermen on the bridge. While crossing the bridge, you can figure out the signs of both old and new Istanbul. You can see high and modern skyscrapers on one side and historical and architectural amazing buildings on the other side at the same time. The Galata Bridge connects Eminönü to the Karaköy which its old name was Galata and Beyoglu. When you visit Sultanahmet, you can g oto Eminönü and Beyoğlu to eat great fish sandwiches and to see Galata Tower.

If you want to accommodate close to the golden horn turkey you can choose the hotels in the neighborhoods of Eminönü, Sirkeci and Galata. There are luxurious hotels which have wonderful golden horn turkey view from its rooms. If you want to sleep with the amazing view of Haliç, it can cost you expensive.

Of course there are numerous points to see in Istanbul. However, we recommend you to expense your at least one day to join a ferry cruise in golden horn. It is the best way to see the incredible shores of the golden horn. You can see the historical buildings and the old palaces in a georgeus perspective. Having a great time while joining a cruise tour is quarateed for the visitors. To take a detailed information about the golden horn cruise tours, you can call a tour agent. After seeing the magnificient shores of the golden horn, it can be relaxable to sit an a cafe and drink your beverages by watching the torquoise water of golden horn turkey. For the other tourist attraction points of Turkey, please read our other articles…

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