What is Important About Ephesus?

Ephesus is an ancient Greek city dating back to Roman Period and located in the West coast of Turkey. In ancient times, Ephesus was one of the important coastal town which was used as a bridge between the West and the East. Ephesus is important for Turkey because of hosting the temple of Artemis. It is accepted as the pilgrimage center of the Christians.

The ruins of Ephesus spread to wide areas because it replaces several times during the history. The ruins are separated in four primary areas as Ayasuluk Hill, Artemisions, Ephesus and Selçuk. And those ruins are visited by approximately 1.5 million visitors each year.

If you decide to visit Ephesus, it is recommended to take a Professional guide services. In summer months, the Ephesus ruins are so hot especially between 11.00 am and 03.00 pm. Wearing light colored comfortable clothes, sunglasses and hat are recommended while visiting the Ephesus. And also you should take enough amounts of drinks with you. The entrance fee is 25 TL. If you take Müze Kart (Museum Card) in the entrance, you can enter all the museums and archeaologicalsites for 1 year limitless. The Müze Kart is also 25 TL for each person.

The Ephesus dating back to Hellenistic age had big eartquakes, collapsed and rebuilt during the history. Ephesus is settled in 2 km area as the travel area. Only %15 of Ephesus has been brought to light so far.  Some important points of the Ephesus ruins are the temple of Artemis, Celsus Library, Ephesus Ancient Theatre, the House of the Virgin Mary, Seven Sleepers Inn, the St. John Castle, the Isa Bey Mosque etc… All of these are worth to see because of their history, architecture and magnificent atmospheres. When you decide to travel to Ephesus, do not forget to reserve more than one day. Because there are lots of places to see nearby Ephesus. Only walk around the ruins of Ephesus takes one day. It is recommended to book a hotel and enjoy the magnificent atmosphere of Ephesus. After visiting Ephesus under a hot sun, going down to Kuşadası can be amazing.

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