What are the clues about istanbul public transport ?

You know that istanbul is one of the most crowded cities of the World. Because of that reason sometimes transportation can be a problem in istanbul. But if you know how to get aroundin istanbul public transport, it can be easier for you. From the time you arrive in istanbul to the time you leave, you should know the ways that you use.

There are two airports in istanbul, Atatürk international Airport and Sabiha Gökçen Airport. Atatürk Airport is on the West side of the city center in Yeşilyurt and you can reach the airport easily by metro. Sabiha Gökçen Airport is at the Asin shore of Bosphorus. You can find taxis, bus shifts and public transports at both airports. Furthermore, you can use the private transfer sif you are family or crowded. Do not forget to bargain before getting in a taxi. If you use airport bus shifts it will be cheaper for you. Public transportation is so common in istanbul. You can go wherever you want by using city buses. To learn which buses g oto the place you want  to visit, you can look at the maps of city bus routes. Also you can visit the webpage of Istanbul Municipality. All istanbul public transport does not accept cash. Before getting in a istnbul public transport vehicle, you should get a token or istanbul Card.

The newest part of istanbul public transport is Marmaray which is a rail tunnel connecting Asia and Europe beneath Bosphorus. It is a quicker way to pass to the other continent rather than using city buses on bridge. Thereare also wide net of metro in istanbul. If you cannot stand the traffic jam, it is beneficial to use metro. And also it is quicker for you. You can find yellow taxis at every corner of istanbul. To see the old istanbul in detail, the best way is to walk around old istanbul. Come to the old istanbul by a vehicle and then explore the history. But remember to have an istanbul map not to be lost. Be sure that it will be an amazing experience for you.

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