Tips for Ankara, Turkey

Ankara is the capital and the second most crowded city of Turkish Republic. It is called as the heart of Turkey because of its location and the importance. Ankara is one of the important cosmopolitan cities of Turkey. It has impressive public buildings, operas, parks, wide avenues and an international airport. Being the center of Turkey makes Ankara an important commercial city. Ankara is also famous for long haired goats, Angora wool, textiles, leather goods and cement. When you visit Ankara, there are some important points to see.

Anıtkabir which is the Mausoleum of Ataturk, the founder of Republic of Turkey is one of them. It is located in Anıttepe  and has impressive mixture of ancient and modern architecture. You can find some exhibitions about his life and the War of Liberation in Anıtkabir museum. The museum is open everday except Mondays.

The other important point to see is Anatolian Civilizations Museum. It is an old Ottoman bedesten dating back to 15.Century. when you visit this museum you can see an amazing collection including Paleolithic, Neolithic, Chalcolithic, Hatti, Hittite, Phrygian, Lydian, Urrtian and Roman Works. This museum has the European Museum of the year award in 1997. In summer months the museum is open everyday.

The Ankara citadel were completed by the Romans but then Byzantines made restorations and some aditions. You can find various kinds of traditional architecture examples from old Ankara. you can also relax on the lovely green area inside of the citadel. Therefore if you want to relax, you should visit the Roman Bath which is located in Ulus.

Because of being an old and ancient city, you can find numerous places to visit in Ankara. We wrote down some examples of them for you. After seeing those architectural wonders, you should feel the tradition of Ankara. you can find various examples of Middle East culture. And also the mixture of the ancient and modern culture. You can eat your meal with modern goods in an ancient atmosphere. Believe that it will be an interesting experience for you.

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