Where is Fatih Grove, Otağtepe Grove? How to get Fatih Grove?

We strongly recommend you to visit the Otagtepe Grove with a unique view for weekend excursion.  I can say that you can see the Bosphorus view clearly and impressively.  Otagtepe is not a very crowded place. If you go there with your private car, a paid car park is available. Parking Entrance fee is TL 10. There are several mini ponds, miniature bridges and a few balconies to take a fresh breathe.
You do not need to make preparation because there is not a cafe to drink something and an area to have a picnic. Since the city center is very close to you, you can drink your tea and have your breakfast or lunch in the city center. Then you can take a few photos to immortalize the moment in the scenery. As I said, there are a few scenic places and they are wonderful. We went with intention of taking omly one photo and we took about 350 pictures.

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