Where is Galata Tower? How to go to Galata Tower?

The Galata tower was built in the B.C 6th century. The Galata tower was originally built as a sea lantern but the it was used for  a number of different purposes. The height from the ground to the tip of the roof is 69.90 meters. The wall thickness is 3.75 m, the inside diameter is 8.95 m and the outside diameter is 16.45 meters. According to the static calculations, the weight of Galata Tower is about 10,000 tons. The thick body was made of untreated rubble.

Galata tower is one of the most important places in Istanbul so it is a must see place.  The tower is quite spectacular. It is one of the most visited places by tourists in Turkey.

Galata Tower Legends

Galata tower has 2 legends. According to the beliefs of the Romans, “If a man and a woman in Galata tower come together for the first time together, they will get married” But if one of them had gone out on their own before, this charm broke down. Another legend is the love of the Maiden’s Tower and the Galata Tower to each other. It is said that the couple challenged centuries because of their feelings towards each other.

What is most worrying about the Galata tower is what is in it. There is a restaurant in it.

Galata Tower Visitor Times & Restaurant

You can visit the tower every day of the week from 09:00 to 19:00. The 9th floor of the tower is used as a restaurant and cafe. If you want to go on your special day, do not forget to make a reservation.

Where is Galta Tower?  How to get to Galata Tower? Contact Information

By private car: From Tarlabaşı road to Taksim you can reach Galata Tower sign on the left side.

By bus: Take public transport to Taksim. Go to the end of Istiklal Caddesi. You can reach the tower by going down 500 meters.

By subway: Take the Yenikapı / Hacıosman Route and get off at Şişhane stop.

Addres: Bereketzade Mh. Büyük Hendek Caddesi, No: 2, Galata / Beyoğlu / İstanbul

Contact:  (0212) 293 81 80

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