Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, How to get Grand Bazaar, Where is the Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar is in the center of the Istanbul city, in the middle of the Beyazit, Nuruosmaniye and Mercan districts. It is one of the world’s largest and oldest Grand bazaars in the world. The Grand Bazaar has about 4,000 shops and the total number of employees in these stores is approximately 25,000. During the busy hours of the day, it is said that half a million people are in the market. The bazaar welcomes 91 million tourists a year so it is one of thet most visited tourist attraction in the world.

Who built Grand Bazaar?

Construction of the Grand Bazaar started in 1461. It was built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet.  The width of all shops was built eqıilly. There  were masters of different products as a group in each street.  Rivalry between sellers is strictly prohibited. A master even could not process his product by bringing his stand to the front of the shop and show it to people. The price of the products could not be set higher than the state determined.

The largest covered bazaar in the world, Grand Bazaar has a wide range of products such as Turkish delight, woodwork, accessories and ornaments, herbal teas, historical products, silver and gold treatments, and clothing products. There are post offices and banks in the bazaar.

The number of daily visitors of this world famous market is approximately 300.000 people.  Another characteristic of this bazaar is the fact that people from all religions and nations live together in tolerance and work together. The bazaar, which has been damaged by disasters such as fire and earthquake throughout its history, gained its present appearance in the early 19th century.

Grand Bazaar Visit Information

Addres: Fındıklı Mah. Petrol Street. No:4, 34854 İstanbul

Transportation: You can reach here by bus and tram going to Beyazit.

Visiting Days and Hours: Monday – Saturday is open between 09:00 – 19:00. Official holidays and Sundays are closed.

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