It is constructed between 1550-1557 by Sinan The Architect by the order of Süleyman The Magnifıcent. Mosque is the semiskilled period of Sinan The Architect. It is entered into outer courtyard of the mosque from 10 gates.

Inner courtyard is in the form of rectangle and it has three gates, of which one is in the center and others are in the sides. Inner courtyard is surrounded with cloisters with domes, carried by the columns. There is a rectangular water tank with a fountain in the middle of courtyard. Mosque has four minarets and its two minarets have three minaret balconies and the other two minarets have two minaret balconies.

It is entered into the mosque from three Gates, of which one is from the front and the others are from the sides.

Mosque has a plan, which is close to square, and it is in the sizes of 69 x 68m. Main dome is 53 m ground clearance and diameter of the dome is 26,5m. Main dome is placed on four main archways based on four elephant feet.

There is one semi dome on each of niche and entrance gate. Four columns are also placed between elephant feet in two sides within the mosque. Thus, inner space is enlarged with five domes, which are placed to each of archways, connected to these columns and much more community enables praying. There are 138 windows in the mosque. There are boards, composed of 16th Century İznik tiles in two sides of niche. Pulpit, niche, müezzin and Sultan Messes within the mosque are marmoreal and reflect the magnifıcent models of the workmanship.

Dome has hand-drawn decorations. Scripts within the mosque belong to Ahmet Karahisari and Hasan Çelebi.

There are structures, composed of Evvel Madrasah (theological school), Sani Madrasah, School of Medicine, Rabi Madrasah, Salis Madrasah, Tabhane, Daruzziyafe, Bimarhane, Darulhadis Madrasah, Hamam, Darul Kurra, Tomb of Süleyman The Magnifıcent, Tomb of Hürrem Sultan(Roxelane), Chamber of Tomb Guardian and Tomb of Sinan The Architect other than the mosque within Süleymaniye Social Complex. Evvel Madrasah and Sani Madrasah are used as Süleymaniye Library at the present time.

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