Konya Turkey

The Land of Whirling Dervishes, konya turkey

Located in the ancient Silk Road, konya turkey is 261 km South of the capital city of Turkey, Ankara. konya turkey has lots of things to do and see. Being a really old city, konya turkey dates back to the Hittities. Today konya turkey is known as a religiously conservative city in Turkey.

The first reason to visit konya turkey is the Mevlana Museum which has the tomb of Jelaleddin Rumi known as Mevlana or Rumi. He was one of the greatest spiritual thinkers and teachers of all time. konya turkey was the capital of The Seljuks. They built numerous historical buildings along the Silk Road like caravansarays, mosques, seminaries etc… They are mostly between cappadocia and konya turkey.

konya turkey

The transportaion for konya turkey is easy because of locating in the middle of Turkey. You can find bus or plane shifts from each parts of Turkey. Although there are enough hotels for the visitors, in December all hotels are full. Because there is Şeb-i Aruz, the annual Rumi commemoration ceremonies. You must reserve your hotel in advance. Because of being a religiously conservative city, many restaurants can be closed during the day in the holy month of Ramazan. They open only for iftar, after sunset.

konya turkey

When you visit konya turkey, you should definetely watch the Mevlevi Sema, the whirling dervishes. The Mevlevi Sema is a Sufi worship ceremony in which the Dervishes whirl for a quarter of an hour for mystical union with the Divine. And the other thing you should try in konya turkey is konya kebab. Do not go back without eating delicious konya kebab. But do not demand to drink beer or a glass of wine with konya kebab. Because strictly observant Muslims do not consume alcoholic drinks with dinner. If you want to drink beer or something, there can be some bars in konya turkey.

You must also see Çatalhöyük which is a worldwide famous Neolithic archeological site about 45 km southeast of konya turkey. Çatalhöyük is known as one of the world’s oldest human communities.  you can see lots of ancient ruins during your konya turkey trip. All around your way, you will see various kinds of historical buildings from any time of humanity. ıt will be a different and interesting experience for  you to be in konya turkey.  

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