Is Turkey Safe for Tourists?

After lots of terrorist attacks and explosions news about Turkey, most people hesitate to travel to Turkey. Especially the terrorist attack on a famous nightclub on New Year’s Eve which 39 people died cause to being afraid of travelling to Trkey. During last year Turkey was the victim of numerous high profile of terror attacks. The situation in Turkey is now under control. However it is useful to know that there is still a state of emergency in Turkey.

Throughout the country, the security operations are still ongoing and the government took strict precautions against the terrorist attack in the important tourist centers of the country. So, there is no need to be worry about the terror in Turkey. The authorities advise travellers to take a copy of their passports and ID if they are in Turkey or planning to travel to Turkey for a holiday.

Although there are lots of unrest and undesired incidents in Turkey, most foreign authorities think that vast majority of Turkey still remain safe for tourists. Especially the coastal resorts of Turkey which most tourist prefers for holiday are not affected from the terror and are miles away from the dangerous points such as Syria border and crowded cities. British nationals announced that 1.4 million visits were made to Turkey in 2015 and those trips are almost trouble free.

Remember that a terrorist attack can occur anywhere in the World. You can witness an explosion in a big and developed country like USA and Britain. It is important to choose your holiday area in Turkey. When you search the points of the terrorist attacks, you will understand that the explosions and the terrorist attacks occur in some parts of the country. Especially the southeastern parts of the country and the big crowded cities such as Istanbul and Ankara are the more dangerous and risky points of Turkey for the tourists. But if you choose the coastal areas of Turkey, no need to be worry about the terror. It is recommended to kkep an eye on the Turkey news before your departure time and ask your travel provider for their latest advice about the country. Remember that it can be anywhere in the World and enjoy your holiday.






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