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cesme turkey A Lovely Holiday

One of the first places coming to mind when holiday is Turkey is thought is cesme turkey. Located in the Aegean cost of Izmir, cesme turkey is a sea side holiday town, 85 km West of Izmir. It lies opposite of the Greek island of Chios. Most people know cesme turkey as a rich resort area with lovely beaches and spas.

You can think about how to get to cesme turkey. Actually it is so easy to get to cesme turkey. You can find several flights from Istanbul to Izmir. If you are coming from abroad, you can buy connecting flights from Istanbul. And also you can come to cesme turkey by bus from Istanbul. Several bus services are available daily from Istanbul and it takes around 8 hours. You can also come to Izmir from Istanbul by bus and then can rent a car. It takes half an hour from Izmir by car.

cesme turkey

The simplest way to get around in cesme turkey is walking.  Because the roads are crowded and narrow fort he cars. The Genovese Castle dominates the waterfront of cesme turkey. Starting at the northwest corner of the Castle is the main square, On the east side of the main square is the pedestrian Inkilap Caddesi, Çesme’s main shopping street, which slants inland from the northwest corner of the Castle. To the south, Beyazit Caddesi wraps around the Marina waterfront and ends near the southwest corner of the Castle.

cesme turkey

Çeşme Castle of cesme turkey was built in 1508 and repaired by Sultan Beyazıt, son of Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror (Mehmet Fatih), to defend the coast from attack by pirates. Later, the Rhodes-based Knights of St John of Jerusalem also made use of it. Today, the well-preserved battlements, with its six towers and moats on three sides, offer excellent views of cesme turkey. It also houses two historical museums. One museum features artifacts from the nearby ancient city of Erythrai and the other focuses on the events of the Russo-Turkish War. The Castle is also used for the International Cesme Music Festival, held in the first week of July every year. The Castle is guarded by a statue of Cezayirli Gazi Hasan Pasha, one of the naval commanders of the Battle of Çesme. Pasha is depicted caressing his famous pet lion and facing the Town Square. This castle is the main tourist attraction of cesme turkey but there are lots of places to see. Come and discover cesme turkey.

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