What is Tea Garden of Rize?

What is Tea Garden of Rize?

Rize is located on the northeast of Turkey and also famous for its tea. When you visit Rize, it is not possible to turn back without tasting its famous tea. And also you should see the amazing tea gardens of Rize. one of the places that you shuld see is the botanical tea garden. The botanical tea garden is located on a hill which see the city from the top and situated very close to the city center. This touristical region gives the visitors opportunity to see the city from the top. Besides the amazing view of the Rize city, numerous kinds of trees and flowers provide the area to be a nature wonder. Therefore, you can see a micro tea production facility which can give you some information about how tea is produced. It is the example of the famous tea gardens of Rize.

You can enjoy watching the view among the trees while drinking your tea which is grown in the tea gardens of Rize. ıt is also possible to buy some souveniers about tea in Çaykur’s souvenier department. A restaurant was also added to the botanical tea garden in 2015. Thanks to this restaurant you can enjoy your meal in the botanical tea garden.

If you want to see the real tea gardens of Rize, you should visit the highlands of Rize. Generally people raise their tea in their own tea fields in the highlands. Because the highlands are so common in the Blacksea Region of Turkey. When you go up to the tea gardens of highlands, you can breath the fresh air and full of oxygen. Maybe you can join the villagers to pick up the tea, and it can be a different experience for you. Except feeling the fresh air, the traditional clothes and the lifestyles will amaze you for sure. Especially drinking the tea which you pick up yourself will make you feel perfect.

If you decide to travel to see tea gardens of Rize, it is enough to buy a plane ticket from your own country. Because you can find a connecting flight from Istanbul or Ankara from all over the World. Come and enjoy your tea.

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