Information about Rumeli Fortress, Where is Rumeli Fortress and How to Get Rumeli Fortress

Rumeli Fortress is located in the Sarıyer district of Bosphorus. It was constructed just opposite the Anatolian Fortress on the Anatolian side to prevent attacks from north of the Bosporus before the conquest of Istanbul. This is the narrowest point of the Bospgorus. Rumeli Hisarı Concerts has been held for many years.

Who built Rumeli Fortress?

It was built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet.  In addition, Fatih Sultan Mehmet himself took part in the construction of the fortress.  The construction of the fortress started on April 15, 1452 and finished 31 August, 1452. It means that Rumeli Fortress was completed in a short period of only 4 and a half months.

Why was the Rumeli Fortress built?

Rumeli Hisashi, the most important stage of Istanbul’s conquest preparations, was built just opposite the Anatolian Fortress located in Anatolia near the north of the Bosporus in order to prevent attacks.

How to get to Rumeli Fortress?

You can use public transport to get Rumeli Fortress. You can get on the bus at Rumeli Hisarı bus stop, Aşiyan bus stop, Bogazici University station metro stop. Also you can get on the metro at Etiler metro station.

Where is Haghia Sophia Museum? How to get Haghia Sophia? Working hours in Hagia Sophia

Haghia Sophia is one of the most popular places of Istanbul.  It is also one of the most visited places in Turkey. The Hagia Sophia Museum is the largest Byzantine church in Istanbul. It was a church until the conquest of Istanbul. After the Conquest of 1453, it was turned into a mosque.  Then, it was turned into a museum by Atatürk’s order in 1934.

“Sofia” word  in the name of the building comes from the word “Sophos” which means “wisdom” in Greek. So, the name “Haghia Sofia” means “Sacred Wisdom” or “Divine Wisdom” It is accepeted as one of the God’s three qualities.

Who built Hagia Sophia?

Haghia Sophia was built by the Byzantine Emperor I Justinian in the old city center on the historical peninsula of Istanbul between 532 – 537 AD.

Hagia Sophia Visit Hours and Entry Fee

Summer Season               Winter Season                                 Cost (2017)

09:00 – 19:00                     09:00 – 17:00                                    40 TL

Box office closing times is seasonal.

Entrance is closed at 18:00 in summer season and at 16:00 in winter season. You can follow the free entry list to Hagia Sophia on its own site. We cannot write them because they can change in a day.

Where is the Haghia Sophia Museum? How to get Haghia Sophia Museum?

By bus: First come to Eminönü. You can get to Hagia Sophia by train.

By Ferry: Take the tram to Kadıköy-Eminönü / Üsküdar-Eminönü ferry.

By tram: Get off at Gülhane and Sultanahmet stops using Bağcılar / Kabataş line

Parking Fee: Unfortunately there is no parking for the Hagia Sophia Museum.

Introducing Pierre Loti Hill, Where is Pierre Loti, How to get Pierre Loti

Pierre Loti Hill is one of the most must-see places in Istanbul. In this post we want to give information about who Pierre Loti was, how to g oto Pierre Loti, Where is Pierre Loti. This hill is named after the French writer. The writer’s name was Julien Viaud but his hospital name (the name given at the time of birth) was Pierre Loti.

Who is Pierre Loti?

Pierre Loti was born in 1850 in Rochefort, France, as the little kid of a Protestant family. At the age of 17, he entered the French Navy. After completing his maritime education, he became a captain in 1881 and was promoted to the colonel in the following years. He had became in the Middle East and Far East. He wrote his experiences and observations during  these journeys later in his boks.

he came to Istanbul as a French officer for the first time in 1876. Loti was influenced by the Ottoman way of life and showed this effect in his many works. He lived in Eyüp when he was in Istanbul. . Pierre Loti, who admired Istanbul, was describing himself as a Turkish friend.

The story of Pierre Loti Hill

Pierre Loti, who came to İstanbul, always went to a coffee shop in Eyüp district in those years. The name of this place with the Golden Horn view was known as Rabia’s Coffee House. She falls in love with the woman she gave her name to his novel  in time. It is also said that a woman with the name of “Aziyade” show this coffee house to him. Loti’s interest in the Turks starts with Aziyade’s history.  That cup is called “Pierre Loti” coffe house and the hill has been called “Pierre Loti Hill” since that day.

 How to  go to Pierre Loti Hill, What is the cost of Transportation for Pierre Loti?

You can get into the cable car in order to reach the Pierre Loti Hill. But we should say that it is very busy on weekends.  Alternatively, you can take a footpath about 500 meters.

You can drive the hill. You can part your car in the neighborhood around Pierre Loti or You can park in Loti’s paid car park. Parking Fee is free for 15 minutes and then it is 7 Turkis Liras for an hour.

Pierre Loti Hill Address and Contact Information:

Address: Pierre Loti Tepesi Touristic Facilities, İdris Köşkü Cad. 34050 Eyüp / İSTANBUL

Phone: +90 (212) 497 13 13

How to get Pierre Loti (Direction):

Pierre Loti Hill is located in Eyüp district of Istanbul. ou can use all public transport to Eyüp, or you can go with your private car.

For those who will go from Europe side of Istanbul

By minibus: You can reach Ayvansaray stop and walk for a short distance

By bus: It is possible to reach Pierre Loti by bus in the shortest way using the following Bus routes.


39 – Akşemsettin Mahallesi – Yenikapı

39B – İmar Blokları-Vezneciler

39D – Yeşilpınar-Yenikapı

39K – Binevler-Yenikapı

390 – Yeşilpınar-Otagar

39Y – Yeşilpınar – Vezneciler      39Ç – Hamidiye Mahallesi- Aksaray

48A – Göktürk – Kazlıçeşme Marmaray

55EY – Eyüp Üçşehitler- Aksaray

86V – Eyüp Sultan – Vezneciler

94Y – Yeşilpınar- Bakırköy

R3 – Eyüp – Beyazıt


For those who will go from East side of Istanbul

By ferry: You can go to Üsküdar from where you are and use Üsküdar-Eyüp ferry to reach Eyüp.

Alternative: Another way is to cross the European side and follow the steps above.

Pierre Loti Hill Breakfast and Tea Costs

Break fast costs Pierre Loti’s Hill are not as expensive as breakfast made in other Bosphorus views of Istanbul. The breakfost cost on Pierre Loti Hill is between 25 TL – 40 TL for one person. The coffee cost is for 7 TL, and tea is for 3,5 TL

Campsites in Turkey

Campsites in Turkey

Camping has been one of popular holiday types in recent years. The most important thing for a good camping is the nature. It is a good chance to see the beauty of the sea blue, the temperature of the sun burning, the greenery of the forest where we can easily find camp sites in Turkey. If you have camping in any session of the year, you should consider the campingsites in Turkey. Whether you are in your caravan or in a tent, a tremendous camping holiday welcomes you in Turkey.

Let’s discover the camping areas in Turkey.

Akyaka Forest Camping Sites, Muğla

 Akyaka forest camping sites in Muğla in the west of Turkiye should be one of your first choices if you haave a good camping Turkey. You can get yourself into unique landscape from the moment you step in. In the Akyaka forest campground you will feel yourself in the dream and you do not want to wake up from this dream. There is electricity, toilet and market for the camping area. Akyaka forest camping area is a place that you can do camping in any session of the year. According to the intensity of the season, the prices may change. It is about 70 km away from Dalaman airport.

Karagol Camping Area, İzmir

İzmir Karagol campground, located on the skirts of Yamanlar mountain, is a legendary campground that is the subject of mythology. You can camp around a tectonic lake. If you want to go fishing while camping Karagol is perfect for you. The closest airport to Karagöl campground is İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport.

Olympus, Antalya

We hope that everybody know Olympus.

Antalya, Olympos

We think that this is a good choice of camp holiday in this place where the big holiday villages are. 80 percent of Olympos are tourists or non-Turkish. This is what makes this region famous. You will have an extraordinary camping experiences withs its nature and history. It is possible to find a hostel that is always open at this place where you can camp during any period of the year. The nearest airport to camping area is 97 km away.

Cappadocia Kaya Camping, Nevşehir

Cappadocia is famous for air balloons tour. Kaya Camping, which has been active for 23 years, is a unique place where you can set up caravans or tents for camping. You can watch or join air balloon tours with sunrise in this area.



Fethiye Kabak Village, Muğla

Mugla is one of the most popular tourist cities on the Aegean coast of Turkey. The village of Kabak in Mugla is one of the most preferred places for those who like to camp. If you like green and blue, you should definitely see it here. . The nearest airport to camping area is 80 km away.

Uludağ Çobankaya Camping Area, Bursa

The first thing that comes to mind when you call Uludağ is skiing. If you are looking for a camping area far from city noise this area is for you. The campground is owned by the National Parks Directorate, so costs are reallt low. The nearest airport to camping area is 60 km away.

There are the most popular camping sites in Turkey. Do not forget that Turkey is rich in having camping sites. Do not wait and camp in these camping areas in Turkey.

Canyons in Turkey

Canyons in Turkey

Turkey is very rich with its natural beaties. One of its natural beauties is canyons. Traveling around canyons in Turkey will give you a different view. The canyons in Turkey must be seen because their visuals are natural. You can see canyons in every corner of Turkey. Some canyons also have sporting activities. If you want to visit these places you can join canyon tours and you can discover new places. We write about the best canyons in Turkey in this post for you. You can start your trip to the nearest canyon and see all of nature’s wonders. Let’s have a look canyons in Turkey.

Goksu Canyon, Mersin

This canyon is known for its being peaceful when it is compared to others. The canyon walls are 100 meters in some areas. This canyon in the Central Toros is definitely a must see.  Water sports are being held in Mersin Göksu canyon. It is an ideal choice for beginners in water sports. Because the calm flow of water makes it easy for new beginners. If you want to have a extraordinary experience you can visit the region.

Bridge Canyon, Antalya

Canyon starts in the Sutculer district of Isparta and finishes in Antalya. You can watch the stream of water through the bridge. The landscape will also amaze you and help you to experience exciting moments. There are places to eat and drink coffee around the canyon. Dining across the landscape is also quite enjoyable. For those who want to stay there are also tree houses.

Karacehennem Canyon, Kastamonu

One of the canyons in Turkey is Karacehennem Canyon located in Kastamonu. This canyon is 550 km away from Istanbul and 300 km away from Ankara. If you are in Istanbul or in Ankara, you do not need to fly to arrive this canyon. You can take the bus. This area, which has a rich history, is formed by water erosion. It has a completely natural view. The region, located between Kure Mountains, as waterfalls, ponds and natural water springs. There are no accomadations where you spend the night here. If you want to make a safari, you need to get your needs.

Ihlara Valley, Aksaray

The Ihlara valley, one of the rare beauties of Turkey, is definitely one of the places to be seen. The view will captivate you. The region has hosted many civilizations in the past. The length of the valley is 14 kilometers. If you want to be nested with nature and want to see a different landscape, you can visit the region.

Esencayi Canyon, Mugla

The length of this canyon is 125 kilometers. It is 80 kilometeres are  located within the borders of the Muğla. The running water flows fast in some periods but it is usually calm. The mud bath in the district is also very famous. You can enjoy pleasant moments by having a mud bath. Then you canhave a shower with canyon water with a temperature of 12 to 13 degrees to get rid of the mud. Though the water is cold, it will keep you alive.

We hope that you will enjoy the canyons in Turkey.






Istanbul Weather in November 2017

Istanbul Weather in November 2017

If you have a plan to go to İstanbul in November, you may wonder about weather in Istanbul. As yo know we share important information about Turkey for tourists who plan to go this country. In this post we give information about weather in Istanbul.

Turkey has seven geographical regions one of which is Marmara where Istanbul is in. All regions of the country have four seasons. You can live the seasouns in any region of the country. For Turkey, November is the first winter month. Cold winters are shown themselves every part of Turkey. Weather for Istanbul in November generally is rainy and cold. The temperature is between 5 C and 13 C.

As you see the Picture below, we share the details about Istanbul weather.


After writing about Istanbul weather in November, Let’s have a look at climate in its region. There are three different climate types in the region. Temperate climate is in Black Sea Coast, Mediterranean climate is in Marmara and Aegean Sea coast and the continental climate is visible in the interior. The Marmara climate is seen in the southern part of the Marmara Region, which also includes the northern Aegean. It is generally effective in Balıkesir, Bursa, Çanakkale, Istanbul, Tekirdağ and Yalova cities.





Marmaray Travel Timeline

Marmaray Travel Timeline

You can find travel timeline of Marmaray Tube Gateway which is one of the biggest projects of Turkey history opened on October 29th. We share the first travel times of Marmaray in the morning for different towns. If you do not want to suffer from traffic jam of Istanbul, you can have a look at Marmaray Travel Timeline

Ayrılıkçesme-Kazlıçeşme: 06.00 (first train)

Ayrılıkçeşme-Kazlıçeşme: 00.00 (last train)

Kazlıçeşme- Ayrılıkçeşme: 06.00 (First train)

Kazlıçeşme- Ayrılıkçeşme: 23.40 (last train)

What is the last Marmaray train?

The last train from Ayrılıkçeşme is at 00.00 and from Kazlıçeşme is at 23.40


Where are Marmaray Train Stations?


Halkalı – Mustafakemal – Küçükçekmece       – Florya – Yeşilköy – Yeşilyurt – Ataköy – Bakırköy – Yenimahalle – Zeytinburnu – Kazlıçeşme – Yenikapı – Sirkeci – İstanbul Boğazı
Üsküdar-  İbrahimağa – Söğütlüçeşme – Feneryolu – Göztepe – Erenköy – Suadiye – Bostancı – Küçükyalı – İdealtepe – Süreyya Plajı – Maltepe – Cevizli – Atalar – Başak – Kartal -Yunus – Pendik – Kaynarca – Tersane – Güzelyalı – Aydıntepe – İçmeler- Tuzla – Çayırova- Fatih – Osmangazi – Gebze


Marmaray metro connection

Yenikapı: Metro System (Yenikapı – Taksim – Şişli – 4.Levent – Ayazağa)
Yenikapi: The metro system which is an extension of Yenikapi Ayazağa Metros (Yenikapı – Bağcılar – Mahmutbey – İkitelli)
Yenikapı: (HRS) light rail transportation system (Yenikapı – Otogar – Yenibosna – Atatürk Airport)
Yenikapı: (HRS) light rail transportation system (Yenikapı – Otogar – Bağcılar)
İbrahimağa: (HRS) light rail transportation system (Kadıköy – Kartal)
Üsküdar: (HRS) light rail system (Üsküdar – Ümraniye)
Küçükçekmece: (HRS) light rail transportation system (Bakırköy – Avcılar – Beylikduzu)
Sirkeci: Tram system (Kabatas – Eminönü – Zeytinburnu)




Ski Resorts in Turkey

Ski Resorts in Turkey

If you do not want to stay at home and eat chestnuts or popcorn, we recommend you ski resorts in Turkey. You can have fun in winter by visiting ski resorts in Turkey. Winter holiday ideas can be a lot more entertaining than you would expect, although many people do not look hot. Turkey is an ideal country for winter tourism. Due to its reasonable costs, millions of tourists prefer ski resorts in Turkey every year. We have compiled the basic information for you to know about the winter winter resorts in Turkey.


1.Palandoken, Erzurum

Palandöken is the largest ski resort in Turkey with its capacity of 2466 beds. The most attractive feature of the ski center is that it has the world’s second longest and steepest  skiing track. Another important advantage is that Palandöken Winter Sports Center is only 7 km away from the city center and transportation is very easy. Thanks to the international organizations that it hosts,  the popularity of the center is increasing day by day.

2.Uludağ, Bursa

Uludag is undoubtedly Turkey’s favorite ski resort. Uludag Turkey’s second biggest winter sports center, considering the bed capacity and facilities. The biggest advantage of this resort is its location. The Uludağ ski resort is one of the most suitable centers for Alpine and Northern discipline.


3.Koroglu, Bolu

Another important ski resort in Turkey is Koroglu, located in Bolu. Long winter season and snow quality can be important advantages of Koroglu ski center. Bolu is right beside us for those who want to taste green and white.

4.Erciyes, Kayseri

Erciyes offers variety of pistes that can appeal to skiers of all levels. The availability of water reserves for artificial snow production and the 25 minute access to the airport are the advantages of the Erciyes Winter Sports Center.


5.Cankırı, Kastamonu

One of the most important features of the center located in the Ilgaz National Park is that you can ski at night.

6.Kartepe, Kocaeli

Another important ski resorts in Turkey is Kartepe with its nature and modern skiing areas. Kartepe is just 115 km away from Istanbul. The center which also has artificial snow systems can be a good choice for those looking for a winter holiday close to Istanbul.

7.Sarikamis, Kars

The magnificent nature covered with crystal snow fascinates those who come to Sarikamis. The center is regarded as one of the best places in the world in terms of snow quality and ski slope. Another important advantage of Sarikamis is that it has a long season of skiing between December and April.

Ottoman Buildings in Turkey

Ottoman Buildings in Turkey

The Ottoman Empire, which has been ruling for 600 years in three continents, has developed Turkish-Islamic art. Ottoman artists were also influenced by the Iranian and Byzantine arts and developed an artistic style unique to them. In this respect, the Ottomans have an important place in world art history. Architect Sinan is the most important artist of the Ottoman architecture which can be studied in two categories as religious architecture and civil architecture. We have collected the main information about the most important Ottoman buildings in Turkey.

  1. Selimiye Mosque, Edirne

The mosque that Mimar Sinan called as his master craftsmanship was built between 1569 and 1575 by Sultan Selim II.

  1. Süleyman Pasha Medrese, Bursa
    It is one of the first qualified Ottoman medreses. It is used as the Bazaar. It was built in the mid-14th century by Süleyman Shah, the son of Orhan Gazi. It is one of the first examples of medreses with courtyard and it has U plan.

3.Ishak Pasha Palace, Agri

It was started in 1685 to build the palace, the last great monument of the Ottoman Empire in Tulip Era. The palace was completed in 1784. The long duration of its construction made it possible to carry traces from different periods and cultures.

  1. Seddülbahir Castle, Çanakkale

The castle, which was built by Architect Mustafa Aga in 1659 to defend against the Venetians, has a destroyed appearance. It is one of the most important examples of military architecture, with an important role in history.

5.Topkapi Palace, Istanbul

The palace, which was used as the administrative center of the empire for 400 years, was built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet in 1478. Tourist coming to Istanbul do not go back their hometown without visiting.


6.Beyazid Pasha Mosque, Amasya

It was built by Beyazid Pasha in 1414. The structure is similar to the Bursa Green Mosque plan with few changes. It is located in Amasya.


It is constructed between 1550-1557 by Sinan The Architect by the order of Süleyman The Magnifıcent. Mosque is the semiskilled period of Sinan The Architect. It is entered into outer courtyard of the mosque from 10 gates.

Inner courtyard is in the form of rectangle and it has three gates, of which one is in the center and others are in the sides. Inner courtyard is surrounded with cloisters with domes, carried by the columns. There is a rectangular water tank with a fountain in the middle of courtyard. Mosque has four minarets and its two minarets have three minaret balconies and the other two minarets have two minaret balconies.

It is entered into the mosque from three Gates, of which one is from the front and the others are from the sides.

Mosque has a plan, which is close to square, and it is in the sizes of 69 x 68m. Main dome is 53 m ground clearance and diameter of the dome is 26,5m. Main dome is placed on four main archways based on four elephant feet.

There is one semi dome on each of niche and entrance gate. Four columns are also placed between elephant feet in two sides within the mosque. Thus, inner space is enlarged with five domes, which are placed to each of archways, connected to these columns and much more community enables praying. There are 138 windows in the mosque. There are boards, composed of 16th Century İznik tiles in two sides of niche. Pulpit, niche, müezzin and Sultan Messes within the mosque are marmoreal and reflect the magnifıcent models of the workmanship.

Dome has hand-drawn decorations. Scripts within the mosque belong to Ahmet Karahisari and Hasan Çelebi.

There are structures, composed of Evvel Madrasah (theological school), Sani Madrasah, School of Medicine, Rabi Madrasah, Salis Madrasah, Tabhane, Daruzziyafe, Bimarhane, Darulhadis Madrasah, Hamam, Darul Kurra, Tomb of Süleyman The Magnifıcent, Tomb of Hürrem Sultan(Roxelane), Chamber of Tomb Guardian and Tomb of Sinan The Architect other than the mosque within Süleymaniye Social Complex. Evvel Madrasah and Sani Madrasah are used as Süleymaniye Library at the present time.

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