Kaş Turkey

Kaş Turkey

A lovely town, kas turkey

One of the well known tourist attractions of Turkey is kas turkey. This town was a fishing village before, but now kas turkey is a well known tourist town which is located on the southern part of the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. It is as far as three hours drive to go from Antalya.

You should experience the peaceful atmosphere of kas turkey. This small and lovely town is not so crowded because of being further away from the airports than the other Mediterranean towns like Antalya, Fethiye, Dalaman etc… This town kas turkey can be relatively far away but it really worths to go.kas turkey-2

Besides you can make a daily trip to the Greek islands from kas turkey. There are daily tours everyday to the Greek islands, especially to Megisti which is so close to kas turkey. And also there is the ruins of Antiphellos ancient town to see. Generally the beaches of kas turkey are narrow and pebbly. However you can drive to Patara beach if you like long and sandy beaches.kas turkey-3

The other options for the visitors of kas turkey is to spend time in coffee houses and restaurants. You can find various kinds of restaurants and coffee houses on the coastline. Joining the boat tours to Kaleköy and the Blue cave can be an unforgettable memory for you in kas turkey. You are also recommended to visit the village of Kalkan. It is also an interesting place to see.

If you are interested in archeological sites, kas turkey is very suitable for you. To explore the various ancient Lycian cities, it is enough to come to kas turkey. You can visit the unique archeological sites dating back to the ancient times such as Patara, Saklıkent, Demre, Xanthos, Letoon and Tlos.

What kind of vehicle you choose to travel is not important. You can come to kas turkey both by bus and by plane. However you can need to rent a car if you come to kas turkey by plane. Or you can use public transportation to arrive kas turkey from airport. But if you want to enjoy the road trip and road beauties, you are recommended to rent a car in kas turkey. For the other Mediterranean coast towns, you can read our other articles and learn more.

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