What Kind of Winter Tourism in Erzurum?

What Kind of Winter Tourism in Erzurum?

Erzurum is one of the unique winter tourism centers of the World with its geographical characteristics, being suitable for skiing for 5 months, snow quality and facilities. The Palandöken Mountains which located on the South of the city was declared as the center of winter tourism in 1993. The skiing season starts on November and lasts till April in Erzurum. Palandöken has the specialty of being an universal station for free skiing and winter tourism. Hosting the 25. UNIVERSIAD in 2011, the city became one of the attraction points of the World skiing.

The Palandöken skiing center has the longest and most vertical ski run. Its ski runs have the international standarts. The 3126 m high ski run of Palandöken is the highest altitude ski run of Turkey. The longest ski run is 12 km. There are 22 ski runs in Palandöken totally. There are 5 chairlifts, 1 teleski, 2 baby lift and 1 gondol lift for tourists to enjoy skiing.

If you decide to have a winter holiday and enjoy skiing in Erzurum Palandöken, the transportation is so easy. You can find flight services from Ankara and Istanbul everyday. The ski center is 5 km away from the city center and 20 km away from the airport. During the winter season, you can arrive to the ski center from the city center with public buses.

Do not forget that Erzurum has severe winter climate and be ready for the flight delay because of strict air conditions. When you arrive Palandöken, you can find accomodation facilities with 4 or 5 stars, ski houses, establishments for excursionists and various kinds of restaurants. After enjoying skiing in Palandöken, it is recemmended to visit Erzurum and taste the famous cag kebab. You can find very interesting and different places in Erzurum. There are some eastern traditions which can be different experience for you. In soem souvenier shops, you can buy interesting and traditional gifts for you and your friends.

In those parts of Turkey, winter months are so cold and humid. So, do not forget to take your thickest clothes with you while travelling to Erzurum. When you see the amazing view of the White, you will understand that this journey will be enjoyable for you.

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