Dalaman Airport

Dalaman Airport

Dalaman Airport

Dalaman is a famous tourist attraction town in Turkey, especially in summers. Dalaman is located on Mediterranean region of Turkey between Marmaris and Fethiye. Tourists generally come here from international dalaman airport.

The dalaman airport is almost 5 km away from city center. Domestic flights from Istanbul are organized daily to dalaman airport. And there are also flights from Europe several times in a week. When dalaman airport is compared with Istanbul Atatürk airport, it is more expensive for the tourists. Especially taxi ride from dalaman airport charges four times more expensive than Istanbul airport for the tourists. Besides the transportation fees, the food and drink prices of dalaman airport are highly expensive. If you want to drink or eat something in dalaman airport, you must pay 8 TL for a tea, 10 TL for a coffee, 14 TL for a beer.

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You can find direct flight to dalaman airport only from Istanbul. If you want to come from other cities to dalaman airport you must use connecting flight through Istanbul. There are four daily bus shifts to and from dalaman airport. You can catch the Havaş airport buses to get to city center from dalaman airport. If you are at the international terminal, turn left and walk a little bit to get in Havaş buses to go to city center from dalaman airport.

The Havaş buses leave from dalaman airport after the arrival of each flight. And the buses return to dalaman airport from Marmaris city center 3 hours before each flight. The travel from dalaman airport to Marmaris takes 90 minutes and the fare is 15 TL for one-way. These buses also have Fethiye shift from dalaman airport and it takes 1 hour costing 10 TL. For more information about the schedule, you can look at the HavaŞ website.dalaman airport-3

Before make your hotel reservation, you can ask them about their dalaman airport transfer services. Some of the 5 star hotels have bus shifts from dalaman airport for their customers. There are also private services transfering passengers from dalaman airport to city centers. But these services cost more expensive than the other transfer options from dalaman airport. It varies from 100 TL to 200 TL up to your destination. You can search the ticket options and flight schedules from the other articles about dalaman airport.

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