City is established under the name of Prusa between B.C. 229-182 by Bithynia King I. Prusias and it is named as Bursa within elapsed time. City, which is captured by Romans in B.C. 74, is conquered by Ottomans in 1326 and becames capital city in 1335. City, located in the foothill of Uludağ, is endowed with important architectural structures in the Ottoman period. There are many Works, belonging to Ottoman period, in the city. A social complex, composed of mosque, madrasah, hamam and hospital, is constructed during the reign of Yildirim Bayezit in 1399 in the place, where is called “Yildirim Hill” nowadays; and also Ulu Mosque, which is the first and biggest mosque of Ottomans, is constructed in 1396-1400 years during the reign of Yildirim Bayezit. There are mosque and madrasah within the social complex, constructed by architect Hacı İvaz Pasha by the order of Celebi Mehmet in 1419 in Yesil location. Madrasah serves as Ethnography Museum nowadays. Yesil Tomb (1421), belonging to Sultan Celebi Mehmet and constructed in 1421, is located next to the mosque. There are mosque, madrasah, hamam, soup kitchen and tomb within the social complex, constructed by the order of Sultan II. Murat in Muradiye location. There are 12 tombs, in which dynasty members are buried, in the courtyard of the mosque.

Tombs of Ottoman sultans Osman Bey(1299-1324) and Orhan Bey(1324-1362) are situated within the park in Tophane. I. Murat Hüdavendigar Mosque and Madrasah are located in Çekirge location, which is famous with the thermal springs. Furthermore, Tomb of Sultan I. Murat, who is martyred by a Serbian in the battle area in 1389, is also located here. Moreover,  Ottoman House, Ataturk Kiosk, Archeological Museum and Uludağ, which is skiing center, are some of the visition places in Bursa.

Bursa Turkey

Bursa Turkey

The Old Capital bursa turkey

bursa turkey is the fourth biggest metropol city of Turkey after Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. The natural and historical richness make bursa turkey more important place.

Besides natural richness, green points, healing waters and summer or winter tourism; bursa turkey has unique cultural and historical heritages. Each person refers to different points of bursa turkey. Some mentions famous and delicious İskenden kebab, some mentions candied chestnut and textile products, some mentions the famous Uludağ ski resort and others..bursa turkey -3

bursa turkey was the first capital of Ottoman Empire and because of that reason the founding sultans Osman and Orhan’s tombs are in bursa turkey. People call bursa turkey as Green Bursa because of the forests around.  bursa turkey is located on the slopes of Uludağ which is an important ski center of Turkey. Silk weaving and fruit processing are important and traditional incomes of bursa turkey.bursa turkey -2

One of the provinces of bursa turkey, Çekirge is an important thermal spa resort. Since Roman times bursa turkey has been important centers of healing waters. So, you can find lots of spa hotels and bathing in Çekirge, bursa turkey.

bursa turkey is also famous for İskender kebab which is slices of grilled lamb with hot tomatoe sauce and browned butter. On the way of bursa turkey you can also visit İznik (Nicaea) if you join a day trip from Istanbul. There are various kinds of Ottoman architecture in bursa turkey such as mosques, silk-filled bazaars etc..bursa turkey -1

You can choose those major sightseeing districts in bursa turkey. The first place coming to mind is Uludağ in bursa turkey. It rises 2543 meters to the South of bursa turkey. Uludağ is the most important ski resort of Turkey. You can get in minibuses at the city center and go to the summit to ski in winter and take a fresh air in summer. The other one is the Green Mosque in bursa turkey. The historic Green Mosque (Yeşil Camii) has mosque itself, the imperial tomb, the islamic madrasah and the Emir Sultan Mosque. There is also Citadel in bursa turkey to see. It is the oldest part of bursa turkey with old Bursa houses and Ottoman founders Osman and Orhan’s tombs and beautiful panoramic view of bursa turkey. You should also visit hot mineral water spas. There are lots of hotels having hot mineral healing waters in bursa turkey. If you are interested in early Ottoman architecture you should spend some time in bursa turkey mineral baths.

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