Turkish Words

Turkish Words

Most Used turkish words

Knowing some words from the language belonging to the country that you will visit is an advantage for you during your trip. Of course during your Turkey visit, you should know at least a few turkish words to expres yourself. Anyone can learn a few most useful turkish words before coming to Turkey. It will make your holiday easier. Especially you should learn travel words, directions and food words for Turkey.

There are lots of e-books about turkish words on internet. You can read them by yourself. Maybe you can write them down on a notebook and repeat them everyday. If you try to recite at least 10 turkish words each day, you will learn at least 100 words that you can use during your Turkey holiday. Also if you understand what people talking about around you, you can feel more relax and behave according to the speech. Actually it is easy to learn basic turkish words if you are really volunteer to learn them. For Turkish people, the tourists who know some turkish words are more sympathetic and it make them more helpful towards you.

Here we will give you some turkish words that will be beneficial for you during your Turkey holiday. Here are the words:

turkish words

turkish words

hoş geldin



Adın ne?

Benim adım….



İyi günler

İyi akşamlar

İyi geceler

Hoşça kal









How are you?

What is your name?

My name is…

Where are you from?

Good morning

Have a good day

Good Evening

Good Night

Good Bye

See you



I don’t know

turkish words
turkish words

As you see above, you have some examples of most used turkish words that will make your journey easier. Thanks to those most commonly used, you will be seen more sympathetic by the people in Turkey. To learn more words that are used in Turkish, you can search on websites which provide you some importnt words to use during your Turkey holiday. Start to learn as soon as you can, be sure that it will be useful for you.

Turkish Food

Turkish Food

Try Delicious turkish food

Turkish cuisine is really famous worldwide because of being rich and tasty. It is not so spicy but abundant with the vegetables. Kebab is one of the most famous turkish food. It should be really tested. Lamb, beef and chicken are the main meat parts of turkish food. Pork is not used in the Turkish cuisine. Meat is generally prepared as grilling and roasting and it produces the delicious Turkish kebab. In Turkish cuisine, turkish food has so variety that you can find whatever you want. Seafood is also so common and favorite for the tourists as turkish food.

turkish food
turkish food

Turkish chefs are prized ones among the other countries because of their originality and creativity. Their traditional turkish food is really masterpiece and must be tried. Local turkish food cheese are so common in restaurant menus and appreciated by the gourmets. Bread is so much consumed with the dishes. You will see large variety of bread in Turkish cuisine. There are some kinds of traditional snacks and street foods. Fish sandwiches are so popular in Istanbul and you should also try gözleme and börek as turkish food which are a sort of turkish crepe. While you are eating your delicious turkish food you should try ayran which is a mixing yogurt with water and is salted. It really goes well with kebabs. Some people prefer to drink some alcoholic beverages with turkish food. Rakı which is a traditional alcoholic beverage of Turkish people is consumed commonly, especially with the kebabs.

turkish food
turkish food

Turkish tea is commonly used at breakfast by Turkish people. After having a breakfast turkish coffee is generally preferred. If you are visiting Turkey, the thing you should remember is to buy Turkish Delight. Because Turkish Delight is famous as turkish food in Turkey.  If you really wonder and want to learn where to eat, there are some websites about famous turkish food location by location. Thanks to those websites and tips, you can see all famous turkish food and decide what to eat and where to eat your delicious turkish food.

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