bodrum castle

A Must-see Place, bodrum castle

If you visit bodrum, Turkey you should visit also bodrum castle which is called also Castle of St. Peter. While walking around the bodrum, it is impossible not to see bodrum castle  because it rises along the waterfront and the bay. In which there is also a Underwater Archeology Museum. This museum was established in 1962. Some archeological tools and goods were gathered from the shipwrecks by atsponge divers and later by archeologists.

bodrum castle

As the history of the bodrum castle, it dates back to the Tamerlane’s Mongol invasion in 1402. During this invasion Knights Hospitaller built the bodrum castle. The Knights used Stones and marbles from Mausolus’ famed Mausoleum and it collapsed in an earthquake. Then city’s name was changed Halikarnassus to Petronium. In 1522 Suleyman the Magnificent, the Ottoman Emperor captured Rhodes and the Knights were forced to cede the castle. The Sultan turned the chapel into a mosque. And he added a new minaret to the chapel of bodrum castle.

Getting around the museum of bodrum castle takes approximately two o-hours and it gets very busy. Among the crowded, it can be very claustrophobic to walk around in the small rooms of bodrum castle. There are lots of parts to see in bodrum castle  but you should come early to see them without crowd. In Carian Princess Hall gold ceown, necklace, bracelets, rings and an exquisite wreath of golden myrtle leaves are exhibited. They are associated with the last Carian queen, Ada and they belonged to an unknown woman of status. And her skeleton was found in the heavy terracotta sarcophagus on display in bodrum castle. The English Tower which is located on the southeast corner of bodrum castle was built by Kİng Henry IV. This tower is also known as the Lion Tower.

Those are some examples that you will see during your bodrum castle visit. The Museum of Underwater Archeology is the unique example of its samples in the World. Do not forget to see bodrum castle and the museum of underwater archeology by being hooked on the nightlife of bodrum. Put bodrum castle in your first spots to see before enjoying the sun, beaches and nightlife of bodrum. To learn what to do in bodrum, you can read our other articles about bodrum. Besides bodrum castle  there are so many things to do in bodrum, especially for youngs and the people who feel young…

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