Anatolian Fortress

Anadolu Hisarı was built by Yıldırım Bayezid in 1395 in the narrowest part of Istanbul Bosphorus. It was built to seize the Istanbul Bosphorus and safely carry the army to the opposite shore in a war that may happen near the Rumeli.

The fortress on the outer side is the fortification wall. Its east-west diameter is 65 m, north-south diameter is 80 m. The thickness of the walls is between 2 m-5m.

There are mangas on the walls. In order to preserve the fortress, three cylindrical towers were built on the wall.

Places to eat in Anatolian Fortress

There are restaurants and cafes around Anatolian Fortress. We can give some examples among them. Some of them are Göksu Cafe, Big Chefs, Dere Balık, Göksu Marina, Pregio. Göksu Creek and Küçüksu Kasrı are at the beginning of the places you should definitely see when you come here.

Where is Anadolu Hisari? How get to Anatolian Fortress

Anatolian Fortress is in Beykoz which is one of the Istanbul’s districts.

Bus Lines for Anadolu Hisarı transportation


11H: Ortaçeşme – Ümraniye

15P: Soğuksu Mahallesi – Üsküda

15T: Tokatköy – Üsküdar

15ŞN: Şenesenevler – Üsküdar

15: Beykoz – Üsküdar

15F: Beykoz – Kadıköy

15KC: Çavuşbaşı – Üsküdar

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